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Wingerworth is the only fencing club in Chesterfield but there are a number of other clubs nearby (at Sheffield, Nottingham, Buxton, Sutton and Derby). Part of the secretary's role is to set up friendly matches with these and other clubs. These are a great opportunity for everyone to represent the club, and fence people they haven't fenced before.

If you would like to set up a friendly match with Wingerworth email me at


Date of Match Opponents Home/Away Weapon Team Opposing Team Result
25 Nov 03 Sheffield Hallam Away Foil Steve, Robert, Jamie Ben, Joe, Stewart 28 - 45
25 Nov 03 Sheffield Hallam Away Epee Daniel, Sharon, Paul Joe, Ken, Amy 32 - 22 (TIME)

(TIME) Indicates that we ran out of time (club time as opposed to fencing time), and the scores are recorded at that point.


Sheffield Hallam Fencing Club

This club is part of the Sheffield Hallam University and is a fairly new club (like Wingerworth). They meet on a Tuesday night at 9pm until 10.30pm (which meant our first foil match had to be called for time) in the Collegiate Gym on Broomhall Road, Sheffield. The Wingerworth epee team would like to say that on 25 November they were ill, understrength, not warmed up, disorientated, injured, poorly equipped, and that the box wasn't working properly.