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Internal Competitions

The club has a number of internal competitions. These are open to members and are held at various points in the year (Tony will provide details on club nights).

Senior Sabre (March)

Wingerworth isn't a strong Sabre Club but  the club does hold an annual Sabre competition for its three sabre specialists (and any foilist who want to join in).

26 June 2005 Tony Klenczar
16 June 04 Ev Van Gemeren
2003 Ev Van Gemeren


Senior Epee (June)

A mixed competition open to all members of the club.

26 June 2005 Chris Morgan
14 July 04 Chris Morgan
2003 Ian Sleeman

Junior Foil (June)

Competition with categories held for each age group and for boy's and girl's foil.

16 July 04 Adam (U10) Helen (U13 Girls) Jean-Paul (U13 Boys)

Senior Foil (December)

Unlike epee and sabre there is both a women's and men's competition. Previous champions are:

12 Dec 2004 Nigel Leavesley Hannah Lawrence
14 DEC 2003 Malcolm Tooley Hannah Lawrence
2002 Malcolm Tooley Hannah Lawrence