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Results 2004

The standard of Wingerworth Epee has come on in leaps and bounds in the last twelve months so this promised to be a fiercely fought competition (more than half the field have national rankings).

It started with the three poules, and a few surprises. Sharon and Robert were not fencing well, both failing to get a single win, and Patrick stormed through his poule, losing only to Tony, and seeding fourth. The incomplete 16 produced only one break of seed, Robert defeating Paul, in a closely fought 15-13 match, and the results of the last eight were pretty much as expected, Chris-Andy, and Tony-Ian semi-finals.

Tony and Ian approached their semi-final with everyone expecting a repeat of last years final, but it wasn't to be. Ian's speed and power, which had served him brilliantly up to this point, proved ineffective against Tony, who could no wrong. The other semi-final was an incredibly close match. At 6 minutes 9-9. At 9 minutes 11-11. Andy won the priority for the final minute, only for Chris to clinch it with a sudden attack.

The final match, between Tony and Chris, seemed to be a repeat of the semi-finals, with Tony in control at 12-10. Some spectacular hits brought the scores even. And this seemed to be the confidence boost Chris needed finish the match.

Chris Morgan
Tony Klenczar
Andy Moroz
Ian Sleeman
Patrick Cunniffe
Daniel Gage
Ev Van Gemeren
Robert Bracey
Paul Williams
Tom Moorcroft
Hannah Laurence
Sharon Needham
Pauline Barker