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Senior Foil 2004

Final Results 2004

Men's Foil

Ladies' Foil
Nigel Leavesley Hannah Lawrence
Robert Bracey Helen Solly
Andy Moroz Rhiannon Morrit
Tony Klenczar Nicola Smith
Daniel Gage Alice Lawrence
Ev Van Gemeren
Ben Lewis
Paul Williams
Tom Moorcroft
James Yeomans

Numbers were down this year, and Malcolm wasn't available to defend his trophy. However, Hannah was able to defend the ladies foil and made a good start by dropping only 5 hits in her poule. This gave her a fairly easy semifinal (against Nicola) which she won 15-5. Helen (in her first senior club foil) also made a comfortable entry into the final, defeating Rhiannon (finalist last year) 15-11. The final was a tense affair, in which Helen dropped the first few points to single light actions, but rapidly pulled it back. With 30 seconds to go and the scores at 8-8, Hannah showed her competition experience with an excellent touch, and then holding out to win on time 9-8. By far the closest Hannah has been pushed in the three finals she has won.

The mens' competition wasn't as closely fought. Nigel was the strong favourite at the start of the competition, dropping only 7 hits in what was a very tough poule. Daniel put in a good performance in the second poule, and seeded second. Unfortunately, Tony (who seeded seventh) dispatched both James (15-8) and Daniel (15-5), despite their best efforts, and clawed his way into the semis. Andy also found his way to the semifinals without too much difficulty, and Nigel simply outclassed Paul to secure his place. Only Robert had difficult, eventually clawing (and elbowing) his way pas Ev (15-11). The results of the semis were no surprise, though the score lines were. Tony's fleche though lethal earlier in the competition proved completely ineffective and Robert stormed though 15-2 almost entirely on his parry riposte. While Nigel faltered against Andy's more patient counterattacks. Falling behind at one stage he had a hard fight to pull the fight back 15-12. The final contained no surprises, with Nigel taking an early lead by simply cutting Robert's defense apart, and then demonstrating his own parry riposte to devastating effect (15-4). In the process he added a new name to the trophy, and broke Malcolm's run from 2002.