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This is a table of results for Wingerworth Fencing club members. It covers all the Open competitions attended in the last half year. There is an entry for each member and each weapon that they fence. Shown on the table is there pre-season national ranking and after season ranking (once we get to the end of season). Also the result for each competition with their final place and the number of competitors. The club actively encourages all its members to attend opens, which is a great way to meet new people and improve your fencing.

Individual Results 2003 September to December

Member Robert Bracey Robert Bracey Emily van Gemeren Anthony Klenczar David Nash Sharon Needham Ian Sleeman Adrian Stothard Malcolm Tooley Paul Williams
Weapon M Foil M Epee W Sabre M Epee M Sabre W Epee M Epee M Foil M Epee M Epee
2003 Aug Ranking 341     84   198   146    
Essex Open 107(123)         61(65)        
Hamlet Open         86(105)          
Bristol Open 131(138)     45 (193)   74 (86)   77 (138)    
York Open 4 (8)                  
Shropshire Open 46 (55)                  
Sussex Open 47 (67)                  
Leicester Open 78 (95)   44 (44) 120 (150)   89 (89) 139 (150) 68 (95) 128 (150)  
BAF Open 20 (34)                  
Welsh Open 107 (125)                  
Bay Open 11 (19)                  
Hereford & Worcester 68 (92) 139 (154)   99 (154)   51 (70) 132 (154)     152 (154)
2004 January Ranking 258 (+83)   138 86 (-2)   154 (+44) 336 147 (-1)    

Commentary: Last year Adrian and Tony both put in some great performances, with Tony getting into the top-100 of the UK rankings and Adrian getting into the top-200 at Men's Foil at his first three opens. This year has seen the number of competitors broaden out with Emily and Paul both attending their first senior open. The club also had strong turn-outs at Leicester and Hereford & Worcester, and is becoming a recognised name at opens.

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